We’ve all heard it before, and it’s always a slippery slope.

When you’re told you’re overweight, the first thing you think is, “Wow, I’m not that much better than everyone else.

I should be eating more!”

But as you go through your weight loss journey, you’ll begin to see how much you have in common with everyone else, even if it’s not the exact amount you wanted.

That’s the idea behind our new study, which we call “Weight Gain Stories: Real Stories from The New York Times.”

This study, funded by the National Institutes of Health, is designed to explore the stories of women who have lost weight.

To help us do that, we reached out to women and girls in their twenties, 30s, and 50s who have gained weight over the past three years, and asked them to share their stories.

We also asked them what it was like being in a weight loss group, and what it’s like being overweight in general.

The results?

Some women said they were shocked, shocked to find out that they’re overweight.

But some women who lost weight felt that they were the only one in their weight loss experience who was really struggling.

Some women who had never had weight loss surgery said they felt more comfortable in the gym and in the bedroom, than in their homes.

We found that the stories that most women shared with us were not always accurate.

For example, one woman, whose weight has dropped from a whopping 80 pounds to 62 pounds, told us, “I am so proud of myself.”

But she also said that her weight has increased by 40 pounds in the last year.

“I feel like my body has gotten thinner,” she told us.

Another woman, who weighed 80 pounds when she lost her weight, said, “It feels so good to lose the weight, but I’m still overweight.

I’m so ashamed of my weight.”

Another woman said that she was surprised that she didn’t lose weight by herself.

She said, “‘Cause I felt like, oh, wow, I am so thin.

It feels good to feel slim.”

“I don’t think people think that fat women have to lose weight, and I think it is important that they know that there are people out there that do want to lose fat, and that people want to talk about their weight,” said study co-author Jessica M. Stacey, a doctoral candidate at the University of Washington.

“People who are overweight are often bullied and harassed, and they have to fight back to be accepted and loved.”

We spoke to the participants to learn more about their experiences.

Some of the women said that they felt that there were people out in the world who wanted to hurt them.

“Some people have told me that if I lose weight I’m going to be a fattie, and if I keep on gaining weight, I’ll be a fat ass,” one woman told us about being bullied by people who were overweight.

One woman said, “[I] feel like I’ve always been fat, but now I know I am fat, so it’s really sad.”

Some of these women said there was a lot of fear that they would lose weight alone.

“The people who are doing the bullying are just as scared as I am,” one of them said.

“Because I know that I am going to lose a lot more weight than most people.

They know that they can do it, and so they do it.”

Another said, When you look at it, it doesn’t really make sense.

“It’s like, ‘Oh, you’re not going to look good.

You’re not really going to do well,’ ” she said.

The participants we spoke to said that being overweight often meant that they had to hide their weight in order to gain weight.

“When I was overweight, I was constantly told that I was unattractive, I wasn’t good enough,” one participant told us of being told she was unattractively beautiful.

“Now that I’m overweight, it’s hard to just go out and be myself,” another participant said.

Another said that there was pressure to lose as little weight as possible, even though they weren’t trying to lose it all.

“Even if you want to gain some weight, it feels like you have to put up with it and do whatever it takes to keep the weight off,” she said of her own weight.

These stories make us wonder: What’s going on with us, and why are we still putting on pounds when we could be shedding them?

“We don’t realize how much we’re doing to ourselves,” one girl told us in our interview.

“And we think we’re strong and smart, but we’re just not.”

Our research found that there’s no way to be confident that you are thin without having the same experiences you have.

In addition, we found that a lot less weight loss is actually happening than we thought, and we can


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