If you’re looking for a true movie that has a true ending, then Netflix may not be the place for you.

But the company is working on a plan to bring more true stories to its platform.

The streaming giant has launched the true story section on its app, but it’s just a small step in the right direction.

The company recently added more than 70 titles, including a new documentary that will be available on its platform soon.

The documentary will feature the true stories of people whose lives have been changed by the Ebola virus.

It is being created by former CNN producer John Walsh, who was recently named the first person in the world to be granted an emergency Ebola vaccine.

The film will focus on three people, two of whom have died.

One of them is the mother of an infected child who died after giving birth.

The other is a doctor who saved his life after being diagnosed with Ebola and became the first U.S. doctor to be able to treat Ebola patients.

The docuseries was made possible by an ongoing partnership between the U.K.-based Film and Television Fund and the New York-based Humanitarian Film Fund.

In addition to the documentary, Netflix is working to include other stories that were created by filmmakers and/or filmmakers who have received funding from the Film and TV Fund.

The platform is also bringing more stories to Netflix.

Some of these films include:A Tale of Two Towns, starring the Oscar-winning director Spike Lee, was made available last month.

It tells the story of a family in New York City in the early days of the AIDS epidemic and the people who faced the epidemic.

The story also focuses on the first family of a New York public housing project that has become a center for community outreach for the HIV and AIDS community.

The filmmakers are also working on the documentary about a New Jersey woman who was diagnosed with HIV and was unable to care for her child due to complications from the disease.

The film focuses on a former nurse who is now a stay-at-home mom and her daughter.

The second documentary, The Life of A New York Girl, is about a woman who died in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Brownsville, Brooklyn.

The documentary chronicles the lives of two women who became friends with each other and then died.

The filmmakers are hoping to share their stories through the film.

The third documentary, My Family: A Story of Hope, tells the stories of two mothers who are living with HIV in rural Pennsylvania.

The filmmaker is a filmmaker and writer who has spoken about her experiences with HIV.


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