Gardeners often need to think creatively about what kinds of plants to grow.

But a new article by the National Geographic Society and The Garden Blog highlights the art and science behind the art of selecting the right plants to help grow plants that are both beautiful and healthy.

“There’s a lot of art in the art that we have to be aware of when we’re looking for plants to plant in our gardens,” said David Parnell, senior plant pathologist and co-founder of the Garden Blog.

“It’s not just picking plants that look nice.

It’s actually choosing plants that have health benefits.”

Parnell said that while gardeners often see plants as being the most important, they should also pay attention to the beauty and function of the plant.

“For example, plants that grow in the shade or in a low growing canopy that have no flowers or flowers that aren’t really bright can make a great shade plant,” he said.

“But when you’re looking at a plant that is really beautiful, there are a lot more health benefits than just the aesthetics.”

A good plant path can also tell you whether it’s time to replace an existing plant or even whether you should try something new.

“You need to be able to see whether or not the plant is growing in a certain way and if it’s doing its job, it’s healthy,” Parnll said.

“If it’s growing in such a way that you’re getting more flowers or it’s getting less flowers, you’re probably not growing it right.”

A healthy plant can also help you protect your garden from pests and diseases.

“I have a garden that is mostly just perennials and they have a lot to do with keeping the soil healthy,” said Parnel.

“They’re a great source of nutrition for our soil and also for our plants.

They’re the most nutritious plants on the planet.”

For more information about how to choose the right plant for your garden, check out the National Zoo article and the GardenBlog article.


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