Posted by MSNBC on Monday, September 15, 2019 05:59:47 A friend asked me a few months ago why I don’t take my cat to the vet anymore.

I told her I can’t afford it and it’s getting dangerous.

The response was, “Oh, I bet she’s really scared of cats.”

The cat, of course, is a little too young to have any health problems.

The cat has a nasty history with the vet.

I don`t want to get rid of her and I also don`ts want her to get sick.

My friend thought it would be a great idea to go out with me, and I decided to take her.

We were talking about the cat and I said, “I think I`m going to take a look at this cat, maybe I`ll take a walk.”

Then we got on the plane, and it was the most beautiful day of my life.

It was a perfect day to be out in the woods.

The weather was perfect, the forest was gorgeous, and we were able to explore for an hour and a half.

After that day, I decided I needed to take some serious time away from the cat, and not just for a few days, but for years.

So I did.

I have to say, it`s not as bad as I thought.

I think my cat is now a happy, healthy cat, with her hair cut, and she can go out in public, she can run, and when I walk by her, I can smell her, too.

The whole time I`ve been going out with her, she has been a great companion.

But my friend is still not taking her to the vets, and there are some people who might not take her seriously.

It`s a really sad thing, but the cat has had a bad experience with the vets.

The vets think it is a genetic condition, but it`ll never be clear until it is proven otherwise.

My cat is not going to go to the clinic to get her gene checked, but she is going to have to have the vet see her every few months.

I want to say this: People need to learn to take their cats to the veterinary clinic when they have a really serious health issue.

There should be a waiting list.

But if you are like me, you are probably already going to the hospital.

It will save you a lot of money.

I wish I had gotten this advice from my cat, but unfortunately I don�t.

I took my cat on a trip, and then the cat was a little sick.

We went back to her house and the vet diagnosed her with this really, really serious illness.

The vet said she was probably getting sick from the time she got off the plane until she got home.

I thought, “That is going too far.”

The vet suggested that I see a specialist, because the cats eyes were so small, and he said, “It`s like a cat is crying.

You don`re going to understand how much pain it is going through.”

So I went to the cat’s vet and got an eye exam, which I was told was a really good eye exam.

I went home, and the cat looked very healthy.

She was going to be okay for a couple days.

Then the next day she was lethargic, and after about three days she started having seizures.

I was so relieved when I went in for an x-ray and the x-rays came back negative.

The next day, she was so lethargy and had a seizure, but then the seizure got worse.

So we took her to see the neurologist.

She had a massive, severe seizure and was dead, with a brain hemorrhage, and died the next morning.

The neurologist, who is also a vet, came to my house and he started talking to me about how we should take her to a specialist.

I said that I thought that if she was dead that was fine.

He said, Well, the neurologists are not going away, so you need to take the cat to a neurologist who knows what to do.

But I said no, that`s going to cost me thousands of dollars.

He went into hysterics, and just started sobbing.

I knew what he was talking about, because I`d been dealing with this kind of thing for about a year.

He was very, very, upset, and told me, “I know that you don`ve got an allergy to cats.

But, I have had this cat for the past eight years, and this has happened to her twice.

It is really painful.

I`l tell you that it`ve hurt to have that kind of pain every time she had a stroke.

I can`t wait until she is dead and we`re all together.”

The neurologists did a CT scan of her brain,


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