WASHINGTON, D.C. — “I had to come out to my parents.

They were upset.

I had to do what I had never done before, which is talk about my family, my relationship with my parents.”—George Floyd, the former football player and mother of five, in a statement released by the White House on Sunday.

Floyd is the latest in a series of people to come forward with stories of their lives before the Trump administration, many of them women.

In January, the Washington Post reported that former Trump aide Natasha Stoynoff had told her story of her relationship with the President, which included a trip to the White Castle in March of the year before her wedding.

The Post also reported that at least five other women have said they had similar experiences with Trump.

The Trump administration has dismissed these claims, saying the woman in question has been lying.

“These are lies, plain and simple,” Trump’s personal lawyer Jay Sekulow told reporters at the White Palace on Saturday.

“And I mean, these are lies from people who are liars.”

“We know the truth is going to come,” he added.

“It’s coming soon.

And if that happens, then I will be there with you to make sure it does.”

Trump has also faced criticism for his relationship with his son, Donald Trump Jr., who in January, along with his father, announced they were getting married in his honor.

The couple met on social media before the official announcement and went on a date at Mar-a-Lago that evening, but they broke up shortly after Trump Jr. gave a press conference, where he said he had spoken with a lawyer who suggested the meeting would be illegal.

The President later apologized, saying that he had not known the woman at the meeting had information that the president was personally involved in a criminal investigation.

Trump Jr. later claimed that the White Rose restaurant in Palm Beach, Florida, had been used as a meeting place for prostitutes, a charge he denied.

“I can say with absolute certainty that I did not meet with any Russian officials to discuss any campaign issues, let alone any part of the Russian government’s support for President Trump,” Trump Jr.’s statement read.

“The meeting was set up by an acquaintance who promised to provide the information in the hopes of getting the meeting to go away quickly and to allow my father to focus on other matters.”

Earlier this month, the President fired his personal attorney, Jay Sekarow, after he criticized the president’s “fake news” campaign.

“We are not the party that wants to be on the front page of the newspaper,” Sekarows statement read, adding that he would “take the case to the Supreme Court.”

“This is a very, very dangerous time for our country and for the world,” Sekulows press secretary said.

“If this President thinks he can get away with it, he is wrong.

We will fight him every step of the way.”

President Trump on Friday defended his son by saying, “I would not have hired him if I knew that he was going to be involved in something like that.”

“My son Donald Trump is a wonderful young man, and he is very much a model citizen,” he said.


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