A book on the holidays, a movie, or a song, but what about a book on your child’s first Christmas?

LAD, the Los Angeles based Christian publishing company, is bringing us a Christmas book that is written in the form of a book. 

The LAD Christmas Book will be a limited edition of 200, and it is going to be sold exclusively through their online store, where it will be priced at $18.95. 

“We want to celebrate the holiday season by telling stories that are meaningful to families, and we also want to make them easy for families to read,” LAD Book Director Jody Cottrell said. 

According to LAD Books website, the book is a blend of traditional and modern Christian themes and ideas, and is intended to provide an opportunity for families and friends to gather and celebrate Christmas together.

“The Christmas Book is an exciting way for parents to share stories and experiences with their children, and also for families that have a love for books and want to have a place to store their Christmas books.

We’re looking forward to the chance to share our family’s Christmas stories with families across the nation,” Cottell said. 

 What are some of the more popular Christmas books out there? 

For the last two decades, the Disney film Frozen has become a popular holiday tradition for families, as families can now share the joy of Christmas together, even if they are in different states. 

Last year, Disney released the Frozen Chronicles: Anna and Elsa for children, a collection of songs and scenes about the story of the children of Arendelle. 

A book with an even more personal message was penned by former astronaut James Lovell, and he also shared the story behind his childhood, as well as his life as a space astronaut. 

For children, the Christmas book of your choice can also be a family book.

 “Our Christmas books focus on the stories of children and their families and provide a glimpse into a child’s heart,” said LAD Founder and President John Cottrill. 

While the book will not be for everyone, the story it tells is one that could bring family together. 

It is one of the best-selling books in history and it will also be released by the Disney Family Publishing Group in the US. 

The LAD Family Publishing Publishing Group is a subsidiary of Christian Publishing Group, which has been a part of Christian publishing since 1984. 

With Christmas being a time of celebration, the LAD family publishing company hopes to have an even bigger impact than any other book released by Christian Publishing. 

Christmas is a time for families who are not just children, but adults too. 

They hope the book has a positive impact on the lives of everyone in the family.


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