This Christmas story is about a lonely, heartbroken man and his toy.

And this Christmas story may have a happy ending for his beloved.

A man who can’t find the time to put on a suit and tie for a special Christmas event has taken to creating a special toy for the occasion.

The man’s name is John, and his story is pretty sad.

“I am really, really sad, really lonely, really depressed,” John told 7.30.

“The holidays have been such a rollercoaster, really bad.

I mean I just feel really sorry for the whole family, the whole church, the entire country.”

John says he got into the toy business to keep a smile on his face, and that’s what he’s doing.

John’s a regular in a church in Sydney’s north-west, where the Christmas story he tells is just the tip of the iceberg.

“It’s pretty emotional, actually, you know, to be able to make that kind of toy,” he said.

“If I’m not in the church and I’m outside, I don’t know what the hell is going on.

I’m so upset.”

John bought the toys for Christmas and had to wait to see if he was chosen for a role in the special.

But, just in time for the Christmas parade, the man found himself in the line of fire for the most important part of his Christmas.

“You can’t even imagine,” he says.

“Just for the first time, a life was cut short.”

John and his partner, the retired nurse, decided to create a toy that celebrates the gift of Christmas.

The pair used Christmas cards, and the toys were handmade by their local craftsman.

“We went out to buy a couple of these, and we were lucky enough to have a friend of mine,” he laughed.

“He gave me a card and a picture of him, and I just thought, ‘I could use that.

I could make a toy for my husband to wear.'”

So John put his name on the card and the couple bought the card for him to wear.

The couple made it into a Christmas toy, but they also found out the real reason for the loss.

The Christmas cards that were handed out to people in the Christmas Parade at the church in Adelaide last week had the words “HAPPY CROWD.”

A photo of a toy Christmas story The couple didn’t know it at the time, but the Christmas cards were meant for the congregation.

They were sent out with the words, “Happy Crowd, Merry Christmas”.

“We were very, very sad to learn that we couldn’t get that Christmas card,” John said.

John said they felt like a huge failure.

“When I got it, I was very, much like, ‘What are we doing?'”

He says they had no idea how to make the toy.

He said the card had a picture on it and the words ‘Happy Crowd’. “

To us, it was like, well, we’re just trying to get to the Christmas market, but there’s no Christmas card for us.”

He said the card had a picture on it and the words ‘Happy Crowd’.

“We didn’t realize it was an advertisement for Christmas cards,” he added.

“So, we thought, you can’t just send out this card and expect to get it.”

The Christmas story John and the partner decided to take the card back.

The card he gave to his wife had the word “Christmas” written on it.

“My husband and I thought that was a bit odd, so we didn, you get the idea,” he joked.

“But I thought, what can we do?

We’re not going to just send it to the kids, but to the people who love us, and if we can get that card, we can give them that gift.”

The couple got the card out of the church’s gift shop and the community was on board.

“They just thought it was such a cool thing,” John admitted.

“And they were like, you’re such a good-hearted guy, we love you.”

John said the community rallied around him and his couple.

“There’s not many people in this community who are as kind and compassionate as these guys,” he explained.

“As soon as we put it up, the community jumped in.”

The community has since been overwhelmed with donations to help the couple.

John says they have received support from around the world.

“For a whole community of people, this has been a miracle,” he told 7:30.

The toy was even made into a video game for the game makers to enjoy.

“Now that we have that video game, we’ve been playing it and we’ve got quite a few friends who want to play it too,” he noted.

“People are really interested in it.”

“It makes people smile, it makes people laugh, it


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