A reader writes: “This is the best I’ve ever read on the subject of short stories.

What’s your favourite short story idea?”

The answer: “I’ll leave that to your own discretion.”

The best and the worst of a short story, according the best writer, are out here, right now, on the internet, in print, and in magazines, according a new study.

And while we’re here, here are five of our favourites:The best short story writer in the world, and his best-selling novel, The Best American Short Stories.

“I like it when someone writes something that they think is brilliant, that’s original, that they don’t know they’re doing, that doesn’t make sense, and I think that’s a really powerful thing to do, to write something that makes sense,” says writer-activist and essayist Sarah Polley.

“When you get that out of your head, it’s just another thing that makes your brain go, ‘wow, this is really, really good, this really, REALLY works.'”

This one is the book that made me rethink my life.

The best story in the book, and my own best story.

“There’s a book called The Best Short Stories That Never Happened by Ernest Hemingway, and it’s about a man who goes to war in Vietnam and finds that he is not the same man who was in Vietnam.

He’s actually a different person.

So he’s kind of, ‘Oh, I didn’t really do anything to kill anybody, I was just trying to survive.'”

This is a tale about a woman who becomes an expert on the meaning of life, and her own journey to love and understanding.

It’s a story that resonates with me because I was once on a train with my husband, and we were going from Sydney to Melbourne, and this young man, this young lady was on the train and he said, ‘Hey, do you mind if I take a photo of you on the way?’

“She looked at him and said, “No, I’ll take a selfie!

And she was.””

And I said, you know, she’s got to be the most beautiful person I’ve met.

And she was.”

It’s not often that a story like this comes along.

The only reason I ever read it is because of the fact that it was one of the first books I read in the early 1990s.

And the story is about a guy, Bill, who, while working in a book store, goes to the local bookshop and he meets a woman there who is a reader, and he is attracted to her.

She’s beautiful, she knows what she wants to do with her life.

And so she comes to him, and they make love, and the next thing she knows, she has a baby, and then she goes on to have a very fulfilling, beautiful life, with a husband and two kids, and now she’s living a happy life.

It’s just a beautiful, beautiful story, and if you’re a reader you have to read it.

This story is one of my all-time favourites.

I had been reading the same story for many years, and when I was a teenager, I found myself reading it, and that was a story I really liked, and wanted to read.

And I got hooked, because I had no clue that it existed.

But then when I got to university and realised that it’s a novel, I thought, “Oh my God, this book must have been written by someone like me”.

This is one I’ve read in print or on the web a lot, because it’s such a classic.

“The Black-Eyed Pea” is an old-fashioned story, about the Black family in a time when slavery was still in place.

The title comes from a famous line in the original, but the novel has been adapted several times, including by a man I know as John Updike.

It doesn’t take long for Bill to get to know this girl.

But it takes a long time to get there.

This is one that, because of its length, is really hard to put down.

And if I could just read it again I would read it with my friends.

And if I had to do it again, I’d do it in a different way.

This story is a classic in so many ways, and yet it takes so long to get over the idea that it might not be that good.

So this is one you should read if you love reading short stories, or if you are a reader.

But if you just love to read stories, this one is one to read if, like me, you find yourself in a good mood, but need a break.


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