“The story” is not something you would hear on TV or radio, it is something that you hear in the most incredible ways, like when a person tells you about a moment that happened on a certain day or during the game.

But there are no other stories like it.

On Saturday evening, when it was revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo’s story had been used as the basis for a Christmas story, there was an instant reaction among many of the Portuguese football fans.

There was a palpable sense of shock and disbelief at the idea of such a story being used in this way.

But this reaction didn’t last long.

It’s not like the story was bad or anything, but it was used as a weapon.

And for some reason, it seemed that Ronaldo was used in the way that it was.

The man who created the story, Bruno Rodrigues, said he was shocked by the way it was written.

It’s not about a Christmas event, it’s not a Christmas celebration, it was not a soccer match.

And the way the story has been used, it could have been used for any kind of publicity,” Rodrigues told The Local.

It was also unclear what happened to the story before it was sent to TV stations.

But a source close to Rodrigues said he received a message from the broadcaster who had bought the story and asked him to explain it.”

Rodrigues has always defended the use of his story in the story that was used for the Christmas story. “

I said: ‘It’s an old story and I don’t want to talk about it.'”

Rodrigues has always defended the use of his story in the story that was used for the Christmas story.

“The truth is that the story isn’t that important, as it was about Ronaldo.

The main thing is that it happened during the Christmas season,” he said.

The story that is currently being used to promote the Euro 2016 football tournament in France is not the original story, but is a translation from Portuguese to English.

That is the reason why it was included in the TV show.

The Portuguese Football Association (PDFA) told La Stampa that the use was part of a campaign to spread the word about the tournament and promote the national team, which is based in Portugal.

“The PDFA is aware of the story.

This was part for the national broadcaster, Telemundo.

The idea of the idea was to spread awareness of the national competition, the World Cup, as well as to raise funds for the foundation of the foundation,” the statement read.”

Telemundo also wanted to make the story public, which would have been a problem for the original source.”

We will continue to work to ensure that the original Portuguese story is used as much as possible in the future.

“The PSG star had no comment when contacted by The Local, but in a statement on his Twitter account, he added: “I will keep working hard for the success of the team.

The story has always been a priority for me, but I know that the idea has been misinterpreted by some.


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