‘Witchcraft is a form of witchcraft’

Witches are people who practice occult rituals and sometimes dress in black to disguise themselves and their actions.They use witchcraft as a means of gaining power over others.They can also be seen as dangerous and can be accused of having supernatural powers.However, there is a growing belief that witchcraft is a spiritual form of magic, […]

How to find a real story to tell in the bondage world

You want to see a Bond movie?Here’s a new and exciting way to do it.The new Bond film, Spectre, is not your average Bond flick.This is not a “good guy” movie, with a villain and a hero.This movie is the real thing, starring Daniel Craig, Daniel Craig as James Bond, and it is a Bond […]

How to use the latest technology to stay connected

Recode is a place for people who love tech to have their say, share their opinions and learn from other people who do.Here at Recode, we love technology.We believe it’s the next big thing.And we’re building a culture where our opinions matter, too.That’s why, in 2019, we’re launching a new site for our audience that […]

Gay and lesbian stories from the short horror stories section

Share this article Share Gay and Lesbian stories from this section by category: Short stories, horror stories,comedy stories,thriller stories,sci-fi stories,supernatural stories,mystery stories,horror stories,geeky stories,babysitter stories,sadomasochism stories,craziest stories,movies short scary articles,mattress stories,stories about children,stories from my childhood,my family,storytelling,storytime stories,storytellers stories,best stories of 2013,stories of the year,greatest stories of 2012,best short stories,great short stories of 2011,best horror […]

How to make a Christmas story lamp from scratch

I’ve written about the concept of a Christmas lamp before, so I’ll save it for another time.But what I’ll tell you now is that this story lamp is the most effective way to build a story lamp out of tin, wood and wire.It’s a lot more complex than just building one.Here’s how it works.First, you […]


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