In the days following the massive crypto exchange hack, the number of people on the internet discussing the situation on the topic of how to deal with the situation increased significantly.

It wasn’t until a few days ago, that things started to quiet down a bit, but things are still not looking good for a very long time.

A report released by The Associated Press shows that there are currently at least 2.5 million Bitcoin accounts on Bitfinex, the exchange that took the brunt of the hack.

These accounts are all currently linked to one another, and so are all connected to one other account.

This makes it incredibly difficult for the Bitfinexs account to be taken offline.

The number of accounts linked to this account is now at least 1.5 billion, according to the report.

The AP’s calculations for the number in circulation show the number is at least 3.5 trillion.

There are currently more than 4.5 Billion Bitcoin users out there.

According to CoinDesk, the total Bitcoin market cap is currently $2.5 Trillion.

The report also notes that the number Bitcoin accounts are linked to has more than doubled in the last few days, and that more people are using Bitcoin to make purchases.

The Associated Media reports that, “The number of Bitcoins linked to the Bitstamp exchange rose to at least three times the total number of bitcoins in circulation on Tuesday.”

There are already some Bitcoin-related events that have been reported, such as a number of Bitfinexes customers having their accounts suspended due to “suspicious activity.”

The Bitcoin price has taken a significant hit following the incident, as Bitcoin is currently trading at around $12,600 USD.

Bitfinexa and Bitstamps price has been in decline for the last two days, but the exchange has been able to hold onto the market.

The company is still expecting to reach the $15,000 USD mark in the next 48 hours.


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