By Peter Brown | 15 January 2017 05:00:54Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us: Episode 4, the next instalment in the Jak and Daxter franchise, is the most visually stunning adventure in years, and the latest to launch from the team behind the original Uncharted.

The story follows the search for Ellie in a cave and the discovery of an abandoned building, as well as a scene of a young woman being shot in the back.

It’s an all-new look at the Jakobs life, the city, and his relationship with the townspeople.

But the film also features a look at how the film’s main character, Joel, and Ellie’s relationship with one another developed over the course of the trilogy.

It all comes down to the nature of time Joel and Ellie grew up, and what happened to their mother, Ellie.

The film has a lot of time and emotion dedicated to Ellie’s mother, but also a lot more of its story focused on Joel’s relationship to his mother.

The first film in the series saw Joel and his mother leave the family home in New York and move to Chicago, where they would be separated by a lack of resources and a lack in opportunities to explore.

As time passed, they became estranged.

This was the first time Joel had ever had a mother.

When Ellie was young, she was a tomboyish kid who enjoyed her dolls, and wanted to be a rock star.

But at some point she discovered she could draw, which was something she was particularly interested in, and she began to paint herself in a way that was more feminine.

So she began writing poetry, which she felt was more interesting and creative than her normal life.

She began to write a story about her mother, a story which would go on to become her own life story.

It was Ellie who taught Joel about being a hero, and taught him how to protect the innocent and help the weak.

They started to grow a bond, and they developed an understanding of their relationship.

This became Ellie’s motivation to seek out the boy who was going to be her future.

But as the series progressed, it became clear that Ellie wasn’t interested in taking Joel’s place.

She wanted to explore her own identity and her own dreams.

She became more interested in making new friends.

She was fascinated by the world, and it was her desire to find people who shared her interests.

It was at this time that she discovered that there was a certain person she had always wanted to meet: Jakobs father, the Nighthawk, a man who had been a member of the Jakob’s family since the very beginning.

In a conversation, Jakob said: I don’t want to be part of you.

You’re my son, and I love you.

Jakob was so moved by Ellie’s reaction that he went back to her mother and said: Ellie, I can’t let you do this.

I have to protect you.

He didn’t want her to do this to him.

The Nighthawak would become the central figure in The Last Of Us.

Jakobs relationship with his father was also the central story in the film.

In the end, Joel and the rest of the Nats would be reunited with Jakobs family and the town of Jakobs, which had grown up around the Jakoby family.

The story is told through flashbacks and Joel’s memories, and in his story Joel talks about his relationship to Ellie and how he felt at the time.

This is what I’ve come to know about Joel and The Last, Ellie’s journey, and why I love the film:It’s one of the most beautifully shot movies ever made.

The visuals are gorgeous.

It looks like a cinematic version of the old B-movie films, but there are so many more.

You really feel that this is a story that has a whole new look to it, a new perspective to it.

It’s the first story that’s told in such a way where the main character isn’t just the protagonist of the film, but is a character in the whole film.

It feels so fresh.

It feels like a film that is so new, and yet it feels like it’s been made for this new generation of people.

It has a different feel to it and it feels so different.

There’s this sense of wonder that I don.t think I’ve seen before, that feels like I’m witnessing something new.

I think that this new experience is going to bring a new audience to the franchise, and you will see more of them as people who have been interested in the franchise for a while.

I don?t think there’s been a new movie that has brought that many people to the series.

I think that’s a great thing for the franchise.

I feel like people are going to enjoy it.

The Last has been a hit, and its been very good at bringing people in, which I think is very good for


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