How to decorate your Christmas tree ornaments with rainbow flags, sparkle and glitter, ornamens, or whatever else is up to you.

You might even make a “Christmas card” or a “special” one for your loved ones.

And, of course, you can do this on your own with a special gift bag or card.

But don’t forget that there’s more to this holiday season than simply enjoying the holidays.

We also want to share with you our favorite holiday stories and stories to share your way of celebrating with your loved one.

Here are some of our favorite stories to get you started.1.

“My Christmas Wish”This story tells of a man who wished his friends and family Christmas.

His wish came true when his wife got a heart attack and was taken off life support.

It was then that the wish was granted by a spirit called “Santa Claus” who sent him a card that he wished for his loved ones as well as Santa.2.

“Christmas in the City” This story, told by author and journalist David Zuckerman, tells of two gay couples, Mark and Michael, who wish their partner, Matt, a Merry Christmas.

They get together every year in a small town to celebrate the season.

They spend Christmas Eve with friends, family, and Santa, and then the couple will head to the local Walmart and buy gifts for everyone.3.

“Cinderella’s Christmas”This fairy tale from the late ’60s and ’70s tells the story of Cinderella, who wished her parents a Merry Cinco de Mayo, in honor of their holiday.

The story features Mickey Mouse, a very sweet and very happy Disney princess.4.

“The Christmas Song”This is a classic Christmas story told by American writer and playwright Robert Crumb.

It tells the tale of a gay couple named Tom and Tom, who are going through a divorce and want to take advantage of their new relationship to celebrate a Christmas Eve.

They go out for dinner and get a Christmas tree and other gifts for their loved ones, but they run into trouble when they get the wrong person to invite to the party.

The couple finally finds a gift that will make all their wishes come true.5.

“Santa, Baby, Christmas”A short, sweet, funny story about a gay baby who wants Santa to make him a new doll and christmas presents for Christmas, and his mom.6.

“I Can’t Do It Christmas” This is the story about three gay men who want to celebrate their first Christmas together, and the story begins with a Christmas dinner in their home and ends with a party at the local grocery store.7.

“Merry Christmas to You, Santa”This classic Christmas song by Woody Guthrie tells the origin story of Santa Claus and his family.

In this story, Santa is in a Christmas parade, and he has a group of elves and their family come to him to greet him.

It ends with the Santa Claus singing a song about how happy he is with them.8.

“A Christmas Gift for You, Christmas Tree”This song from the 1970s tells of an American couple who want Santa to bring them a Christmas Tree, but it turns out that Santa is already in their house and wants to take away the Christmas tree.9.

“Little Christmas, Little Christmas”Another classic Christmas tune, this time from the ’60’s and ’80’s, tells the same story as the last.

But this time, Santa Claus is in town and wants a Christmas gift for the little ones.10.

“In Loving Memory”A tale from Woody Guthry, this story tells the stories of a married couple who wish to celebrate Thanksgiving in the same way that their family does.

In order to do so, they gather all their relatives together for a feast, but their guests find a gift in the kitchen that will help them get through Thanksgiving dinner.11.

“Gingerbread Man”This Christmas song from Woody and Carol Burnett tells the true story of Gingerbread Man, who wishes that he was gay.

But he is not and instead wishes that his sweet sweet brother is gay.12.

“You’ve Got to Get Out of the Way”This tale from The Beatles tells the life story of Pete Seeger, a gay singer who wanted to perform at the 1963 Summer Olympics.

He and his fellow entertainers were denied entry because of their sexual orientation.

Pete was so upset when he was denied entry, he tried to hide out in the back of his car, but his parents caught him and drove him to the Olympics.13.

“Easter in the Garden”This popular Christmas story tells a gay Christmas story.

It starts with a young boy named Charlie who wants to share his Christmas with his father.

He does not realize that Charlie has an older brother, so he goes and buys Charlie a Christmas card that his father wrote to him.

The two get along and start a Christmas tradition,


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