Posted September 28, 2019 08:42:59When a burglar breaks into a home and steals valuable property, it is inevitable that they will also use that home as a stepping stone to commit another crime.

But the way to deal with these burglars is to be aware of their intentions, even if you can’t be there.

Here are some of the most common ways you can get rid or deter burglars.

The burglar may come from a different homeThe number one method of preventing burglars from entering your home is to avoid letting your door open.

It is an easy mistake to make, especially if your door is locked.

If you are not home, leave the door unlocked until the burglar is gone.

If you do not have the keys, try to put your keys in a safe place in your house.

If your door locks cannot be used, try leaving them at home until the next time you need them.

If your front door has no locks, you can always lock the door using a key that is already in your pocket or purse.

If the burgler tries to force the door open by breaking a chain or a barbed wire, it may cause a fire or an explosion.

Burglars are rarely sighted from the front.

They may be spotted from behind, or they may be hidden in the shadows.

In the early morning hours, you may be surprised to see a burgler wearing a grey hoodie, white jeans and a dark jacket.

A burglar can also be seen from behind in the morning, standing in the street, or hiding in a nearby bush.

When you are home, you should always have your key and wallet at the ready.

If they try to break in your home by breaking in your front window, your home should be locked.

If they attempt to break into your house using a ladder, a ladder should be at least five feet (1.6m) above the floor.

A ladder is not recommended for entry through the front door.

If someone else is not home when the burglars attempt to enter your home, they can use your back door to enter.

If the burglers attempt to gain entry using your front and rear windows, you will need to use a ladder to enter through your back window.

If a burglar is attempting to break through your front or rear window, a wooden door or a metal door is better than a ladder.

In some cases, it can be necessary to break a doorbell, even when the doorbell is not used.

If there is a chance of someone getting hurt, you need to lock the front and back doors.

If there is no one home when a burglier breaks into your home or if the burglier has already broken into another property, you are more likely to be attacked.

If anyone can hear you, run, hide or call the police, they will be more likely try to stop you.

In an attempt to deter burglaries, use locks or other means to secure your doors.

You can use an electric doorbell or the remote control of a smartphone app, but remember to never use one without the key.

If someone has been inside your home before, it might be worth getting a security alarm system.

The security system can be set to work even when your phone is not turned on.

It also sends a text message to the owner of the house if someone tries to enter, or the owner can send a text to your mobile phone to notify the police.

If a burguer breaks into the front or back door of your home and then tries to escape, it could be a good idea to get the burgle out of your house by using the security alarm or your emergency escape plan.

If it is raining, you could put a curtain around your front garden to keep rainwater out of the front window.

You could also secure a window or door with a metal plate.

If people are already in the house, they might be tempted to use your television or mobile phone.

However, they should always lock your door or window before trying to enter the home.


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