I’ve written about the concept of a Christmas lamp before, so I’ll save it for another time.

But what I’ll tell you now is that this story lamp is the most effective way to build a story lamp out of tin, wood and wire.

It’s a lot more complex than just building one.

Here’s how it works.

First, you need a lamp that’s about two inches wide and three inches deep.

Next, you’ll need a big metal sheet, about two feet long, and a wire that is about two to four feet long.

You’ll then need to drill holes in the sheet and cut the wire.

You should then use a drill press to push the metal sheet through the holes and out the back of the lamp.

Then you’ll have a large metal plate on the back side that you can use to hold the lamp and wire together.

The plate will hold the tin, wire and lamp together and make it easy to remove the lamp if it gets damaged.

You also need to buy a light bulb, wire, and clamping material.

Finally, you should also buy a lot of tin and wood to make the lamp stand up.

You can buy a few different kinds of tin for this project.

A large, wide, heavy-duty tin is probably best.

You can also use a smaller, thinner tin or a lighter-weight tin.

I prefer a light-weight one because it doesn’t weigh too much and has the smallest diameter of all the tin materials I’ve seen.

But the larger the tin you use, the better.

You need to decide what you want your Christmas lamp to look like and how much you want to spend on it.

For this project, I used the wood from a tree stump in my front yard.

It has been sitting there for years and is a little worn, so it needs a new roof over it.

The planks were made out of a large piece of maple, which was cut down into a shape for a lamp.

You then cut down the pieces of maple into small pieces and cut each piece into pieces about the same size.

For the lamp, you will use a piece of wood about the size of a dime.

Next you will cut a hole through the top of the tin.

You will use the top piece to screw the lamp in place, and the bottom piece will be the clamping area.

This will allow you to remove your lamp if you get hurt or damage it.

You don’t want to damage the lamp too badly, so don’t cut the top and bottom pieces too close together.

Next, you have to figure out the height of the metal plate that holds the tin and wire in place.

This is the height that you will need to use for the clamp and for the plate.

I like to cut the clamp down about an inch.

This allows the lamp to sit flush with the ground and be strong enough to hold itself in place while you attach it to the tin plate.

Next I cut the wood to the exact length that the tin will fit inside.

I used a small bit of plywood and a piece from a wall joist to cut it.

Then I cut about one-fourth of an inch off the end of the wood and screwed it in place on the top plate.

You may need to bend or bend the metal to get the clamp in the right position.

Finally you can take your metal plate and screw it into place with the clamp.

This gives you the best position for the lamp without needing to be a jackhammer.

Now that you have your clamp and the tin in place you can make the wooden plate.

The hardest part about this is getting the metal on the bottom.

It needs to be flat and level, so make sure you can get the metal onto the plate with one hand.

You might have to use a sharp tool to get it to get on the plate, but once you do it shouldn’t take too long.

It’s a bit of a pain to put the plate on, but that’s what you get for spending a lot on the clamp for this.

Now you just drill a hole in the tin with a drill and use the clamp to screw it in.

Now it’s time to attach the tin to the lamp base.

It looks like this:This is what the base looks like when the tin is screwed in.

You’re holding the tin on a piece that you cut out of the ground.

Now that you’ve screwed the tin into place you’ll want to screw in the clamp as well.

Make sure that you don’t over screw the clamp too much because it might loosen and snap the clamp if it’s too loose.

Now, take the clamp off and slide the tin over the clamp, securing it with the metal clamp.

The clamp should look like this.

Now you can attach the lamp wire to the clamp so that you hold the clamp tight and keep it from falling off.

This works for


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