The most recent edition of the Sex and Love in Anime and S&M Booklist ranked all of 2018’s top-selling sex stories.

The list was compiled by fan favorite writer/director, creator, and actress Jodi Benson.

The 2017 list was the first to include female authors, including author Sarah Jane Smith and the late, beloved author and TV host, Mimi Imbruglia.

This year’s list included a few surprises, like the top 10 list featuring four of the top ten most popular female sex stories from 2016.

And while we’ve been seeing the rise of transgender and queer-themed fiction in books for some time, this year’s ranking is notable for a couple reasons.

First, the list features five transgender and two queer-identified authors in the top five, a number that includes two of the year’s most popular queer and transgender sex stories (the award-winning Transsexual Girl Guides and The Girl in the Glass Window).

And while these are mostly non-fiction books about transgender and trans-identified characters, this is a new record for books by non-white authors.

The other five writers featured in the list are two white women: the acclaimed author Lauren Shuler Donner and writer and performer Emily Daffney.

The last of the five is the writer and director and film maker Shari Springer, who is one of the creators of the award-nominated series The Girl on the Train.

The list also includes a couple of new transgender and non-binary writers, including Shari’s transgender friend, M.A.D. Dias.

The book features an exploration of transgender identity and life, with M.D., who is a woman of color, as the central character.

The two women also co-wrote and co-directed the feature film Love and Rockets, which premiered in 2017.

The film also featured a scene in which M.M. uses the pronoun “they” to refer to her transgender friend’s boyfriend.

And although we may not have seen it yet, we can definitely tell that M.S. is not the first transgender woman to write about her gender identity.

Mandy K, M., trans, author, The Girl and the Train, 2018The list of the 10 most popular stories about trans women and trans women of color includes the best-selling and best-reviewed books by two of our favorite female writers, Emily Dabbney and Shari Sprague, as well as the top-rated transgender-themed sex and love book, Love and the Rockets.

This list includes the first three books in the bestseller list: Transsexual Girls Guides and Love and The Boy in the Box, by transgender writer M.J.

D Dias and her trans and queer friend M.B. Dass.

The third book in the book list is the award winner The Girl On the Train by Emily Dass and Shai, the transgender character from Love and Rocket.

The fourth book in that list is The Girl Who Came in from the Cold by Shari.

And the fifth book in this list is Love and a Star, by Shai.

The 2017 list featured four transgender and three queer-identifying authors, but this year, four women of colour (including Shari, who happens to be a person of colour) made the list as well.

Mandy K is a writer and actress who co-created the series Transsexuals: The Inside Story of a Transgender Girl Guidebook, which debuted in 2018.

The show follows four trans women who discover their identities and form a community.

Transsexual Boy, Transsexual Guys and Transsexual Love are two of her books.

The three women of diverse backgrounds also co wrote the best seller Love and Adventures in Gender and Genderqueer.

The four authors in this year’t included in the 2017 list are all trans women, including Mandy’s partner and best friend, trans woman and former performer, Shari Dass, and trans woman-turned-author, Mandy Springer.

Transsexual Girl Guidebooks and Love & Adventures in gender and genderqueer: Transwomen’s journey through the worlds of gender and sexuality are the two bestselling books in 2018, and the books featured in this 2018 list are the first in a trilogy of books that also features the trans woman who became an actress, trans actress and best known trans woman, Mami Imbroglia.

Transguys has sold more than 5 million copies worldwide and has been translated into 15 languages, including English.

Transgender Girl Guides has been adapted into two movies: The Girl Next Door and Love Train.

Transgirl’s debut film in 2018 was a critically acclaimed critical and commercial success.

The movie is nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress.

Love Train was a box office hit.

TransGirl also starred in the HBO series The Girls Next Door, which ran from 2009 to 2012.

Love Train also has two sequels, Love Train: The Boy Next Door in


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