LONDON — In the first year of the BBC World Service, we’ve added some amazing comedians to our roster, and it’s all made easier by the fact that all of them are comedians.

We have a new roster of world-class performers who will be appearing on BBC World at the end of this year.

This year, the BBC has added some of the worlds finest comedians and they are all here for you to enjoy.

Here are the funnies from across the world who will help you to discover some of your favourites.

This year, we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of The New Comedy Festival, and with it comes an exciting time in the history of British comedy. 

BBC World will celebrate with some of Britain’s funniest comedians. 

British comedian and comedian Simon Bailey has made an impact in the British comedy scene.

His unique brand of comedy has brought to life a range of characters, including Mr. Peanutbutter and the Queen of England, The Simpsons.

He has also written some of our funniest stories.

His first BBC comedy special, The Comedy Club, was broadcast on BBC One in 2002.

His second BBC comedy series, The Last Comic Standing, aired on BBC Two in 2003.

Bailey’s third comedy special was produced for the BBC Comedy Awards and is currently on the BBC Three comedy show, The Big Bang Theory.

Bailey has made a career as a comedian, performing at events around the world.

In 2011, he hosted a Comedy Night special in Hong Kong for the Asia Society, the first time a comedian from a Asian country was ever invited to perform on British TV.

In 2013, Bailey performed at the BBC’s The Comedy Festival in London for the first ever UK comedy festival, The International Comedy Festival.

Bailey has performed on BBC Three, BBC Two, BBC One, BBC Radio 4 and BBC One Extra. 

In 2014, Bailey hosted The Comedy Live at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where he spoke about his personal journey as a writer and comedian. 

This year’s BBC World World Service is a unique opportunity to hear some of these brilliant comedians in front of an audience of millions.


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