A new anthology series by the author of “Ghost Stories” is making its way through the Japanese media, and it is being met with mixed reactions.

The series, which features “Ghost Story” creator Shigeto Sakai as the protagonist, is called “My Story on weight gain stories,” and it will be released on Dec. 5 by Sentai Filmworks.

The first issue is slated to go on sale on Dec 9, with more issues to follow.

It was announced on Dec 2 that Sakai will co-write and pen the series with director Katsuyuki Fujishima.

“Ghost stories” is a popular series that has been featured on Japanese television series such as “Love Live!

Sunshine!!” and “Shirobako,” and Sakai also worked on a television anime series called “Hana ga Yori ni,” or “The Princess Bride.”

In Japan, the title of the series is often shortened to “my story,” but Sakai told The Washington Post that he intended to change the title to “My story on weight loss stories.”

“The title ‘My story’ is not about me.

It’s a title that I wanted to convey to the world that I want to tell a story about myself,” Sakai said.

“My goal is to convey the feeling that I have to lose weight and get rid of the weight in order to get better, and that’s why I’m making the series ‘My History.'”

Sakai said that he was initially nervous about the title.

“When I first started making ‘Ghost stories,’ I was like, ‘I’m not ready yet,'” he said.

But after reading the reviews, he felt more comfortable saying the title was “my history.”

The first volume of the anthology, which will include three stories each, is slated for a December 2017 release.

The Japanese edition of the book will be called “Ghost story,” and the English edition will be titled “My History,” and each will have their own cover.

“I am creating a book that can be used by any individual to get their own history and their own experience,” Sakata said.

“My Story” will be published by Sentarou-sha Publishing, and the first volume will cost 300 yen ($2.25).

The book will ship in December.


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