It was a beautiful spring day.

A couple of dozen people were in the small park, sitting around a picnic table in front of a giant blue tree, chatting.

I was standing next to a young boy with autism and his mother.

I told them I wanted to meet the little girl.

We walked toward the tree.

The mother looked at me and said, “She’s going to make a great doll.”

She was referring to a doll called Jamey.

A few minutes later, the boy, who was only about 5 years old, came over and started playing with her doll.

She started to cry.

She asked me to stop.

She wanted to give him a toy, and I told her no.

I’m a mom and I’ve had a lot of children.

But this one was different.

I wanted her to know she had a mother.

When the mother was older, she would make toys.

And when she was younger, she made dolls.

I thought, This is going to be an interesting conversation.

But I’m not an expert.

As we walked down the road to the park, the father was there with his son.

He said, You know, when he first met me, I told him I would make a doll, and he said, That’s not what I said.

I said, Well, you know, he loves you, so he wants to make you a doll.

I asked him if he had a friend who would like to make him a doll too.

He looked at the tree, smiled, and said he didn’t want to be a dummy.

But he was not happy with that.

The father said he felt a connection with the boy.

And that, to me, is what’s important.

The child’s father is not the one who decides what the little boy wants to do with his life.

I’ve always been a parent, and the child has always been the person who decides how he wants his life to go.

The boy has always had a say.

That’s why it’s important to be there when he needs to talk to you.

The children’s father, who works in a construction company, said he doesn’t want his son to feel like he has to be the center of his life, because he can always find someone else.

He says he wants the little man to feel valued and cared for, like a baby.

When I met the child’s mother, she said she was shocked to hear my questions.

She told me I should be happy for her.

I know a lot about autism, and she told me she’s also very happy with her son.

And she wants to have that same kind of relationship with him.

She has had a child and she wanted her son to be like her.

But what she’s not happy about is that this child has autism and I am a doctor.

So, I’m like, I don’t know how to make things work, but you’ve got to take care of this child, too.

We got to make this relationship work, she says.

I agree.

But when I look at the situation, there is a big difference between caring for a child who has autism who needs your help and being a doctor who has a relationship with a child.

I don-t think a lot is going on with autism.

I just think it’s a huge, huge part of our society that we don’t talk about it, and we don-‘t understand it.

It’s a very complicated, complicated condition, but we don…

I think it makes a huge difference.

There’s a lot we don’ know about autism and how it develops.

We have very little data about it.

But we do know that the brain is very flexible.

We know that there are different kinds of autism.

We also know that it can affect all of us.

We don’t just think about it in a narrow way, but it can impact us in a much broader way.

I think, for me, being a mother is very important.

I want to give my children a mother, too, because I want them to know that you’re here.

We love them, too!

But it can be hard to talk about autism.

There is a lot that is very hidden about autism: How the brain develops and how much it changes.

The condition affects a person’s emotional state, social interaction, language and behavior, and even how they behave.

There are so many things we don”t know about the condition that can make things very difficult.

And it’s been a very long journey for me to understand how I feel about my son and how I treat him.

In the beginning, when I first started to see the little baby, I was very concerned.

He was very much like my own son.

It was hard for me.

I have a very big son, and this is my baby, too?

I just felt like, This boy is going through this. I couldn’t


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