By JENNIFER WOODCOCKLE | 11/24/16 10:00:00AMWASHINGTON — As the first in a new generation of Sid toys, the toy company announced today it will release new products and other new product offerings in 2017, including a new, high-tech toy for toddlers and a new product for older kids.

The new Sid toy, named the Sid, will be available in a variety of sizes, including playrooms and play sets, as well as as in the company’s flagship line of action figures.

It will include six different “action figures” in a color-coded, three-dimensional model.

Each Sid will have its own color, and each of the six figures will come with a “storybook” for each figure, with details on the story and how to play the figure.

Each figure will include its own unique action figure and accessories, as will a “player figure,” and an “action set” that will include a “trunk,” which will be a removable “backpack” that comes with a removable toy.

The toy is expected to sell for $99.99 at retail, while the figures will be priced at $79.99.

It also announced a new toy line for the company, the Sid Action Set, which includes three “action sets” that are compatible with a number of other Sid products, including toys for kids under 5 years old, for adults over 55 years old.

The Sid will include “storybooks” for all six figures, with new information about the story, as the company puts it, “to make the story as fun as possible.”

The new toys will be offered in three colors, black, white, and red.

They will include the original figures as well.

“Our Sid toy line offers a new and innovative way to engage children, parents, and caregivers, while providing the perfect combination of fun, creativity, and engagement,” said Paul Nieder, vice president of consumer marketing at Sid.

The company said it will have a new website for more information on its products and the company.


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