The election is real, we know.

We have proof.

So why is everyone so skeptical?

The election was never even supposed to be held, a fraudster hack that took place before anyone in power could even notice it.

No one ever claimed it would be fair.

No media outlet ever reported that it would happen, never pretended it would.

And the election was rigged.

A lot of this is simply a matter of semantics.

The election was supposed to take place on Election Day.

But that was never supposed to happen.

The electoral college is supposed to count the votes of the electors from the states that elect them, not the states themselves.

This is what is meant by a state’s “popular vote.”

But the states’ popular vote count was supposed, for the most part, to be closer to the winner’s popular vote than the winner-take-all tally.

The system was supposed not to be fair to Hillary Clinton, who was widely expected to win the popular vote, but who was ultimately the overwhelming favorite.

And that is exactly what happened.

The only thing Trump lost was the popular-vote margin in the Electoral College, which is a majority of the electoral votes.

And since the Electoral Vote was determined by the states, it was not fair to Trump either.

The popular vote is not just a number, it is an illusion.

Trump won the popular votes by a narrow margin, but not by the same margin that any candidate had won in the popular race.

And this was just the Electoral Electoral College.

Trump lost the popular popular vote by more than a million votes.

Trump’s margin in Electoral College votes is less than one-third of a million.

So, even if the popular election counted as accurately as it was supposed it would have been close.

But what about the electoral college, the popular counting of the votes?

How could anyone make the claim that the election should have been fair?

There are several reasons that people would be skeptical.

First, the electoral vote itself is not a legitimate basis for deciding elections.

The Electoral College is an antiquated system of government and it should be abolished.

It is also a joke.

The U.S. Constitution states that the electoral system should be free and fair.

It does not say that the Electoral Body should be fair or representative.

And it does not have the authority to make such an arbitrary decision.

The Constitution has been amended and revised in every subsequent election since 1824.

The last time it was amended was in 1913, when it was voted into existence by a new, bipartisan Congress.

So the new Congress did not change anything.

The result was a simple, unaltered version of the Constitution.

But there is a second reason why people would doubt the legitimacy of the Electoral Process.

It would be very easy to get around the Electoral Election Rules.

The process is so complex that it requires hundreds of pages of regulations and regulations.

These are supposed to govern the Electoral processes and elections.

But the Rules themselves are not so hard to understand.

A couple of states have recently adopted their own versions of the rules, including the ones in Washington, D.C. The rules are a bit more straightforward, and there is no need for them to be reinterpreted every time the rules are revised.

And a few states are still working on their own version of those rules.

In general, people will not be overly concerned about the Electoral System, since it is designed to be easy to understand and easily replicated.

But there are people who are worried about the way the Electoral process is being rigged.

This article will examine those concerns and offer some solutions.


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