By Emily L. BakerThe title of this article says it all: If you are a woman, you may have noticed that you can often tell if a man is looking for sex more than just a hookup.

That’s because women who are sexually open are more likely to be seeking sex, according to a new study by researchers at Northwestern University.

The findings suggest that men are looking for more than a relationship, they are looking to get laid. 

“Our findings suggest men are seeking sexual encounters in much greater numbers than women, and we want to get to the bottom of why,” said study lead author Lauren C. Ruggiero, a doctoral candidate in psychology at Northwestern.

“This suggests that women might have less desire to engage in long-term sexual relationships than men.”

The researchers surveyed 4,000 undergraduate students about their sexual behavior over a six-month period.

They used two questions about their romantic relationships: Is there sex between the two of you?

and Are you currently having sex?

The results revealed a correlation between a man’s sexual interest in women and his desire to be romantically involved with them, according the researchers.

For instance, men who were open to sex more often reported more sexual desire, on average, than open-minded men who reported less sexual interest.

Women also reported higher levels of sexual desire than men when they were in relationships, regardless of whether they were looking for a long-distance or short-distance relationship.

The researchers said this may be because women’s sexual arousal is more likely when they are in a relationship.

Women who were sexually open were also more likely than men to say that they had sex with a partner they were dating, even if they were single, or to be having sex with someone they were with for less than one year.

Women reported greater sexual desire in relationships than in long distance relationships, and were more likely not to have had sex for more that one year compared to men.

For instance, women who were in a romantic relationship reported that they were having sex at a rate of 2.2 sexual partners per week, compared to 3.1 per week for men.

Women also reported a higher rate of being in a long distance relationship than in a short distance relationship.

Men were also likely to have greater sexual interest than women in long term relationships.

But there was no correlation between men’s and women’s rates of sexual interest when they had no longer been in a close relationship.

This is because, as the researchers pointed out, the researchers used different definitions of “relationship” for the two questions.

“The data were collected before the development of the U.S. Sexual Activity Survey, and these two questions were not used,” the researchers wrote.

In the end, the findings suggest the most effective strategy for men looking to have sex is to be sexually open.

But you may want to consider using the questions differently if you are looking more for sex, the study authors said.


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