When you buy a toy, do you really want to watch a YouTube video of it?

Here’s how you can use Google’s YouTube app to see your favorite toys on the company’s new platform.The app is currently only available for Windows PCs, but Google says it plans to launch it for Macs, Android phones, and Xbox One consoles.The service is also currently available on Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, and […]

Why you should be reading The Secret Life of the American Golf Digest

GOLF DIGEST: 1,000 stories about golf from The Washington Times to Golf Digest and more.2,300 golf-related stories from Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, Golf Channel, ESPN, Golf World, Golf Digest Travel and more on The Washington Pinstripes.3,000 golf-themed golf videos and features.4,000 golfer-specific guides.6,000 celebrity golfers.And more.Read more Golf Digest articles about golf, including:GOLF TONIGHT: The […]

Which Philly Gay Story Should You Watch?

The story of Philadelphia’s gay history, which began when it was a haven for homosexuals in the late 1800s and early 1900s, has been a fixture in the city’s culture ever since.But it’s time for the city to celebrate the city and its gay community, too, and celebrate the stories of those who made it […]

Which are the most common crimes and sexual assaults in the US military?

There are thousands of ways to report sexual assault, but one thing is certain: it’s not easy to come forward.This is especially true when the perpetrator is a member of the military.And it’s a problem that’s worsened in recent years, according to new findings from the Department of Defense.In an extensive report published on Wednesday, […]

‘Beautiful’: CryptoCoin lovers unite for #BeautifulLove story on Twitter

BeautifulLove, a new social media campaign that invites users to share pictures and stories of the most beautiful love stories, has surpassed its $1 million goal and is now available on the platform.The social media platform announced that users will be able to vote on their favorite pictures and story from the campaign’s 30,000 posts […]

How to make a game that’s more like an interactive story with toys

I think the best way to approach this is to start by asking yourself what makes a game interesting.Is it about a character in a particular role?Is it interactive?Is there a sense of progression?Is the player going to get better or worse at the game?Is a player going home with a toy?Do the toys provide […]


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