Why the best and worst of short story ideas are out there, according to the best of us

A reader writes: “This is the best I’ve ever read on the subject of short stories.What’s your favourite short story idea?”The answer: “I’ll leave that to your own discretion.”The best and the worst of a short story, according the best writer, are out here, right now, on the internet, in print, and in magazines, according […]

How ‘The Beastie Boys’ story changed my life: ‘It was a very, very good, very humbling moment’

The Beastie Boy story, about the young group’s first trip to the U.S. as members of a fledgling group, was a milestone in American history.But the story itself is an anomaly, as it never reached the mainstream.In its entirety, the story was a rare snapshot of the growing, often tumultuous relationship between a black man […]

When will the movie ‘The Lion King’ be released?

The Lion King movie has been a long time coming, with many people expecting the Disney-Pixar production to hit theaters sometime in 2020.But that date has slipped through the cracks, with the studio telling The Associated Press in late March that it was still working on the film.Disney’s plan to release the movie as part […]

Which gay porn star is your favourite to watch?

We’ve rounded up the most incredible lesbian erotic stories from the internet this week, and now it’s time to decide which is your best.We’ll start with two of our favourites: Lorna Lee and Brooke Breton, who have been making lesbian porn for years, but have recently added some new talent to their ranks.They have some […]

How to stop eating too much sugar Christmas story house

With the Christmas season now behind us, and the first part of 2017 officially underway, it’s time to take stock of what you’ve done.You know the drill: you’ve added some sweeteners to your diet, you’ve bought something that you’ll eat at least twice a day, you went on a shopping spree and you’ve probably got […]


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