Why are Christians fighting the Islamic State?

Islamic State (ISIS) has taken over the majority of the northern Iraqi province of Nineveh, which was once the largest city in the country, in the wake of the military defeat of the extremist group. But the militants are losing ground, and many local Christians have fled.In recent days, ISIS fighters have also seized the nearby […]

‘The Devil’s Daughter’: George Floyd and His Wife Story About Their Wedding and Their Divorce

WASHINGTON, D.C. — “I had to come out to my parents.They were upset.I had to do what I had never done before, which is talk about my family, my relationship with my parents.”—George Floyd, the former football player and mother of five, in a statement released by the White House on Sunday.Floyd is the latest […]

10 amazing quotes from Kanye West’s latest album, The Life of Pablo

When Kanye West announced his forthcoming debut album The Life Of Pablo in April, the rapper was already well known for his lyrics that could be construed as racist, misogynistic, and generally offensive.But that’s only the beginning of the album’s offensive content.“All the time I’m on the run from the cops/I’m gonna get up in […]

How to write a funny short story

This article originally appeared on TechRadars sister site, TechRadari, where it was republished with permission.The story is based on Kristen’s new book, You Can’t Get It All, available on Amazon (Kindle, paperback) and wherever you buy books, but it’s also available in other formats, including on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Google Play, iTunes, and […]

Which Christmas story should be the straight-story bible?

A lot of Christmas stories have become so ingrained that many people don’t think twice about choosing one as their Christmas story.It’s one of the things that makes Christmas so special, said Mark Littman, a teacher at Northlake Christian Academy in Lakeland, Florida.But many others don’t consider them as a source of Christmas tradition, because […]

‘What’s in a name?’ — and why the title matters — in a new book

By JESSICA RODRIGUEZ and KATHERINE O’HARACHEROALINEN, AP writersAP storyAUSTIN, Texas — The Texas A&M football program’s name, “Texas A&M,” may be coming to an end.A university official said the name will be retired.The school has not officially announced the name change, but the university is expected to announce it in the coming weeks.The university announced […]

What if the lyrics of a love story didn’t rhyme?

The love story can be a beautiful thing, but it can also be messy.In this episode, CBC’s Love Story series brings you the story of the song “I’ll See You Soon,” which was written by the singer, lyricist, and songwriter Gingerbread Man.Here are the lyrics.“I can see you soon / It’ll be nice to have […]


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