How to talk to your friends about your crazy story: How to make friends and talk about your craziest story lyrics

Posted by MSNBC on Monday, September 15, 2019 05:59:47 A friend asked me a few months ago why I don’t take my cat to the vet anymore.I told her I can’t afford it and it’s getting dangerous.The response was, “Oh, I bet she’s really scared of cats.”The cat, of course, is a little too young […]

What happened to Bonnie Toy? The Meyerowitz Stories and other stories about celebrities, writers and others we love

By Lauren MathersNovember 23, 2017It’s no secret that Bonnie Meyer is a great person.The singer/songwriter/actor/activist/activists extraordinaire has become one of the most well-known people in the world, and she is still going strong at 50 years old.Meyer has always been a person of the world and we are lucky enough to have known her since […]

What do you call the Bible stories? Name a book

The Bible stories are named after famous biblical stories from the Old Testament, according to a new project by the Pew Research Center.The project, titled The Bible Stories: What They Are, What They Mean and How They Were Written, found that only three of the more than 50 stories in the Bible that were named […]

Creepy creepy, creepy creepy, scary! ‘Crazy Train’ episode of ‘The Night Manager’ video released

A video released today shows a young man being terrorised by a train in a terrifying video that’s been widely shared online.The horrifying clip, entitled ‘Craziest Train Ever’, was made by a young boy and has already been shared more than 1.5 million times on Instagram.It begins with the boy climbing aboard a train as […]

The story of sex in India

India is a country of about one billion people.But in this small country, there are millions of people living without access to a toilet or sanitation facilities.The country’s health system has long been plagued by understaffing and neglect.But with the recent announcement of a new plan to open the country’s first medical center, there is […]

‘Ralphie’ Christmas Stories: A Family Sex Story That Will Make You Want to Say ‘I Did’

A family sex story that will make you want to say “I did” to the camera and tell it to your children.The Christmas story told by the mother and her son in the movie is titled Ralphie’s Christmas Story.Amber’s Christmas Stories is a new feature film from director James Franco and features a different take […]


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