When ‘Ghost Stories’ Is ‘My Story’: My Story on Weight Gain Stories

A new anthology series by the author of “Ghost Stories” is making its way through the Japanese media, and it is being met with mixed reactions.The series, which features “Ghost Story” creator Shigeto Sakai as the protagonist, is called “My Story on weight gain stories,” and it will be released on Dec. 5 by Sentai […]

Which countries have the biggest weight gain story?

New York City:  6.6 kilograms, Miami: 6.5 kilograms, Austin: 6 kilograms, Atlanta: 6 kg, Boston: 6kg, Dallas: 6 kilos, Philadelphia: 6 grams, Portland: 5.5 grams, Baltimore: 5 grams, Chicago: 4.5kg, Denver: 4 kg, Miami Beach: 4kg, Houston: 3.5 kg, Indianapolis: 3 kg, Los Angeles: 3kg, Portland, Oregon: 2 kg, New York: 2.5 kilos.Los Angeles is […]

How to get a man to stop talking to you

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I spent a few hours at our favorite restaurant, and we ordered the appetizer, the entree, and a drink.She ordered the blue story and I ordered the Weight Gain Stories.We were sitting at a table with two other couples, chatting with one another, enjoying each other’s company, […]

How to stop eating too much sugar Christmas story house

With the Christmas season now behind us, and the first part of 2017 officially underway, it’s time to take stock of what you’ve done.You know the drill: you’ve added some sweeteners to your diet, you’ve bought something that you’ll eat at least twice a day, you went on a shopping spree and you’ve probably got […]

How to tell if your weight gain is fake

We’ve all heard it before, and it’s always a slippery slope.When you’re told you’re overweight, the first thing you think is, “Wow, I’m not that much better than everyone else.I should be eating more!”But as you go through your weight loss journey, you’ll begin to see how much you have in common with everyone else, […]


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